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Alpine Chamois (Rupicabra rupicabra)
The Chamois is the image of Duret and with good reason. This magnificent creature is common in the mountains of Europe, in particular the Alps, the Pyranees, the Tatra Mountains, The Balkans and the Carpathians.

Although not an endangered animal it is still hunted and killed for sport by man, which is by far its biggest predator. The tatra chamois in particular is under the most threat from hunters and expanding human population, thereby reducing its natural habitat.

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Holocene distribution (grey) and recent range (red) of the Chamois - (map uploaded by Altaileopard to Wikipedia)
The Chamois is obviously very well adapted to the cold mountain climates and in winter has a thick coat of underfur and longer guard hairs over the top to conserve heat in its body. The hooves have a a flexible grip to allow it to remain steady on very uneven and slippery terrain.

The distintive features are obviously the magnificent horns that are largely vertical for 20cm before the bend backwards to form hooks. They also have a dark patch from each eye to the nose and a white patch on the rump.
The skis produced by Duret commonly have the striking image of the Chamois. There are other manufacturers of quality skis in the market but when we began to distribute skis in the UK the reason we chose Duret was the excellent combination of quality and brand image. They are certainly a talking point in the lift queue. As a result we also product merchandise celebrating the magnificent Alpine Chamois.
Some of our favourite Chamois pictures. Please send us any more if you take any on your trips to the mountains.
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